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Through the Gaping Gate / Coughing in a Coffi.. - text

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Infected with a cold
Sore fuckin' throat, dripping nose
Hot as hell itself
Lying in bed
The sickness grows
Coughing up acid, pus and blood
Angry stomach
When you shit it's a fuckin' flood
Out for a walk
Slow as a rock
Car moving near
Hit in the front, damages are severe
Heart stops pumping, you're assumed dead
In a black bag, your bed
Star of the funeral, your family gathers around
Crying, tears and sorrow as you're put underground
Suddenly your heart starts pumping, you're alive again
But sickness and symptoms remain...
Coughing in a..
Coughing in a..
Coughing in a..
Coughing in a Coffin...

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