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Born to be master of the world
Fear my ever-pounding words
I desecrate, desecrate false idols heed my way

I'm graced with understanding
My gifts are awe demanding
Collecting all the souls once lead astray

My will uncompromising
False Gods are realizing
The bitter end of their lies now fades away

Nevermore... My bastions oh so foul
We scream for more...
Nevermore, Nevermore!

Long slumbering powers awaken
There will be no mistaking
I beacon all my rouges to taste the might

Crush all the subjugates
Dark will so concentrated
I'm scattering all the pieces
Of their twisted fucking world
Never again to see the light of day


It's time to prey we'll seize the day
I wear the scars from the path this way
My mind is something beyond the real
Re-sculpt the throne
Where my world will kneel

I'm the master of the world
None defy my pounding words
I desecrate, desecrate
False idols blown away

Take the reigns with all my will and
Scream for more
Nevermore evermore!

Text přidala Raduwa

Video přidal Louis16

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