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Oh the lines are getting longer
More are added everyday
And there seems to be no shortage
Of humans for my foul play

No understanding
And no ability to see the signs
They just keep breeding out of order
And adding to the lines more and more
Here they go

10 more dead
and the bodies piling higher, higher
10 more dead
And the stench grows stronger
With many more to go

Most see me pure evil
But they respect me just the same
When nature's done sustaining
She calls me in to play the cold game

No favors
And no quarter ever shown
For the sheer masses of the masses
Still T-S growing
More and more here they go

10 more dead

Oh... Come ye one come you all are waiting now
Line up face the light
Oh... And thousands more behind to follow
Will be embers burning bright

Oh they're dying for me quickly now
The ways are always mine to choose
'Cause once it's done it doesn't matter
Between the faith or fate I'm not confused
About my purpose no
Reduce them all in shame
And the bones will pave my kingdom
They have only themselves to blame
Here they go

10 more dead

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Video přidal Louis16

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