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Sleep now darling, I'll see you tomorrow
I'll try to make this better but I can't promise that
'cause you're never here..
I sleep alone by the phone
waiting for you to come home
Stumble through the door
with the smell of wine on your breath
and cigarettes but I can't blame you
Were you with him again?
I'll just ask my friends
I guess the house we wanted
is out the question..
I'll just pack my bags
put my books in boxes
you'll never be forgotten
just look after my boy.
Say goodbye to your mum
thank your dad for the bookshelf
I would have done this myself but
the moment's passed
Bored with nothing to do,
but lay around listening to Deja Entendu
thinking about you..

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Je zde něco špatně?

I'll keep you in mind, from time to time


Moose Blood texty

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