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Superlover Man - text


As I think about the things you say you want a man to be
Said you want a strong man with bi-natural capability
Wanna send your legs through mine
Work your body from behind
I'll take good care of you
Like a superman should

Oh I wanna be
Your Superlover Man
The one to rescue you
And take you by the hand
Oh I wanna be
Your Superlover Man
Oh I wanna be

You know that I'm the one to satisfy your every need
Everything you want or could imagine you can find it in me
Up, up and away we go
Hold tight baby don't let go
Come let me take you on a ride
So high, never come down
I'll put a smile upon your face
One that could never be erased
Your eyes
Tell me you like
What I say and what I do
To be that superman for you

[Repeat 1 until fade]

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Montell Jordan texty

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