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You Can be a jerk I could be a jerk too
You can be a jerk I could be a jerk too
You can be a jerk I could be a jerk too
Attitude mean got 'em cryin' boo who

No cut cards when you need you get a clue
It's nothing to a Boss Bitch this is what I do
Step up in the club and my bitches with me
They see me but I don't see he

Diamonds lookin' foggy and there's rent on my feet
So I read him three snaps now what is the take
Don't they know I'm way to fly-I-I
Money on my mind get me so high-I

My dope is my boo you the nigga on the side
Money make me cum you just kinda get me by
I didn't come to the club to be booked by you
Lookin' at your Louis V's like you think you fly too

Louis don't even make ma make them I do
Where ever they do that at you need a fuckin' fly clue
Cause I'm tryin' to put you on to somethin'?
I'm tired of you lame ass niggas steppin' out with the fake shit on

Like Louis don't even make the big shirts with the LV's all over 'em like and two X's that's Italian Bitch
Like come on, then you got the fake ass Gucci tennis shoes shiny as a mut ha fucka
Talkin' bout they came out last year, bitch I know what came out
Last year you fradulent and phoney mutha fucka

How you wanna do this make it easier for you
A lame nigga shit I ain't really into
A nigga like you I would never ever screw
Got a dirty dirty dick hit these bitches like a flu

I'm a tell you like a queen told me Fuck these niggas like I strap on the D
I'm in in the club talkin' over the beat
Sendin' over cups is that 'posed to be sweet
Got bottle over here finna send one to you

Cause your bitch lookin' dry and you lookin' real flu
Step up in the club and the club went mute
Way I got 'em gawkin' they might as well salute
You know how I do, You know how I do, It's nothin' to a Boss Bitch you know how I do
On my shit like a fly bitch, you know how I do

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The Lola Monroe Chronicles: The Art Of Motivation

Lola Monroe texty

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