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I could paint a pretty picture, of pigment of pain and scriptures
Of bitches eyes on your riches
Black tainted love in them mixtures
Ah, it's like Picasso, in this bitch
Female pac up in this bitch I'll apocalypse your shit
rejoicing the thoughts of putting these bitches bodies in horses
my mission in body ambition like Nazi ignition
And body all curses, no Shawties in purses
Cause I keep a couple shooters that will straight John Goti your purpose
These bitches ain't real, they just real clown bitches
I remember when they used to feel like real down bitches
I'm from a city where respect don't come from currency
And I don't wanna hear what you gonna do, what you done currently
15 left home to get my money right
All I knew was hustle bitch, you see what my money like
But I can still smell'em potent broke memories
Guess that's how god kept me grounded like oh, remember these?
Now it's just me and my nigga, I'm the Bonnie to his Clyde
And I ride for my nigga, oh
And all you snake ass, fake ass, hating ass, hoes
Was just waiting for a bitch to blow
just to pin point my pivatle pinnacles from my pitfalls I pity y'all yall pity fool,
I pity the fool that pic y'all no question though,
I be on that other shit Like fuck that hoe I'm on a mission Joe You should too, if you knew
What this game will do to you
Look at all the bullshit I've been through
Been Picken through the bullshit I seen through
No Biggy though, I'm on some real shit
So really though, my mother need a new house
Trying to put my brother through college so that shit y'all talk about
I could give a fuck about

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