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We are, yes I said that we are
Me and a Trina build a movement me [?] nah [?]
Queen Bosset and the Baddest Bitch are supreme huh
Ooo I go so in an addiction that's so heavy

Gotta hit it keep me steady
Cause I'm pacin' for whatever's in my vision I been ready
I can take it so I'll take it you can even call me petty
When you feenin' for a win it don't matter what they say I dun came to far

I'm a run this shit it ain't even bout the cars
I dun drove them whips don't give a fuck about them stars
I wished on that bitch and bitch's be what they are
I am a bad bitch, I am a bad bitch, I am a bad Bitch

I said that we are, yeah I said that we are, Trina and LoLa

Two bad bitch's that's the shit [?]
You know who we are we don't pay for anything
Nigga's get loans break bread give us everything

Know we like to pop shit
Bitch's know we militant
Always goin' hard see the grind call us diligent
Hater's wanna do me, why you such a hater
It's because got my face stacked on this paper

And I blow the crowd down and they call me the Baddest
I rep 3-0-5 I'm a legend I'm the Baddest
Yeah I'm talkin' back and my name whole [?] weight [?]
And I'm runnin' this shit every city I take I break dat

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The Lola Monroe Chronicles: The Art Of Motivation

Lola Monroe texty

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