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Reportin' live from D.C. the diamond district it's
D.C.'s cover girl, billion dollar pin-up chick
Shawty I been the shit my swagga far from surgical
All that talkin' ya'll do 'bout me takes my career vertical

Um, what, huh, who?
Ain't nobody heard of you
Take a couple flicks so you a model now, turrible
I am suberb to you my words to you are minimal
Graduate of the school of hard-knocks, oh yeah
I been to school

I'm from the streets baby, U-P-T-D-C baby
D-A-B-A double D E-S-T Boss Bitch that's me baby
I'm the one that all these bitch's wanna be baby
Sexy bubble B-U-T-T, sexy Double D's you see me

In A-T-L, N-Y-C, they love me in Jamaice
Movies, magazines, videos only get the cake'a
They say she got fake what, if I do then I bought 'em
You bitch's under me, you bitch's can't fuck with me!

Text přidal Moonblade

Boss Bitch's World

Lola Monroe texty

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