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Louis, Gucci, Fendi - text


[Lola Monroe:]
Monroe... What up, Los?

What it do, Luv?

What you want me to do?

You already know, GET EM!

Let's Go!

Beamer, Benz or Bentley interior decked in Fendi
Grill sittin' pretty, Kimora, Aoki, Ming Lee
Rims pokin' out like some silicon sittin' fitties

Drop them grands, they have them fittin' now niggas wanna come get me.
Lipstick rims like them [?] by a lesi
But it's something bout a chevy, when I give him that becky
Keep him bustin like he runnin', never petty like a penny
When he want it ain't no "lemme" he just say it and go hammy.
He go ape shit on me, fuck me to a coma
Say the pussy taste like candy and it got a sweet aroma
I said "you might need a soda", he said "I don't need a chaser"
Took a shot and then he said he only [?] chase his paper.
Take a breaker like a raker but I bake it like baker
I be flippin' like my daddy stay up for that fuckin paper, pay her
I am misses blanco I need all that gwapaponzo
Check the beamer, benz or bentley sittin' outside of my condo.


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Lola Monroe texty

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