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You do you and I'm a do me
That's how we first started but we ended up with we
Feelin's in the air that everyone could just see
We couldn't hold it back so we just let it be
Friends more than average
Bond thicker than a marriage
Held each other down push that money like a carriage
These bitch's would hawk [?] cause that couldn't understand us
I know what it was our lifes [?] there [?] was [?] way to expand it
Realest shit that happened never left each other stranded
Plus the B.S. in my mind but I remember how I managed
Shit flip like cars so we put up them guards
But we know what it is we still in each other hearts
Ain't nothin' like hood love I adored it for real
Rented DVD's ordered carry out meals
Leaned [?] up in the crib love feelin' surreal
All I saw was you no one else couldn't appeal
It was never based on money shit was based on somethin' real
I had my own bread you whipped your own wheels
You saw me go ahead make my moves on the real
Fallin' back regardless of how you really feel
We couldn't make it a hundred but we went in too deep
Sex drive so high was tryna feel you while I sleep
Always kept it G when we hit them streets
Years later you is why I am who I be
Goodbye, Farewell, cause it ain't nothin' like a real chick
Someone who could chill with you, I have, you down for whatever
It was always me and you, and you you, Promise, never, let nobody get close
Never, Ever, ever let my love crack so hold it hard

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