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Tell me what it takes to create a fucking diamond
Built within dirt yet beauty so timeless
Precious of the earth tht leave u gazing spineless
My back bone is thick enough for your highness
Fit to be a queen sittin on a fucking thrown
Prevailed threw shit that your mother wouldn't condone
Laid away pain that I couldn't even afford
An I'm a half a way that I could never walk toward
Look at me now don't I make you wana bow
My past got flooded and I still could'ntdrown
Peepin all you clowns prayin hard with a frown
For my ride or die down
Like you wasn't around watchin me frow from the ground
Ain't that petty of you ain't you posed to be proud
Dnt you want me to make it and reach for the clouds
Guess the mufuckas closest be the ones to let you down



I always went hard for the ones I love
Now I think of what theirs consist of
Loyalty a issue no matter how much love
Ain't no tellin who he fishin so you gotta use a glove
Once I'm in love there's no one else I think of
So id rather build a wall till I kno I can trust
Id rather just lust than to make him a must
Just keep him on angel dust feenin for more than a bust



Ah na na na All our troubles seem so far away

Somebody gass up her hustle way on E
I get high off my hustle like I stay on E
Look at all you bitches like you can't see me
Unless flippin thru BET or an MTV
I ain't tryna carry you but how you dare judge me
I will shit on your future like I bleed green tea
Watch I flip any doubts like I read up on a key
Flipery up Flipery up my G
I flip a G an spree play yaself like we
But you sensitive B's are too sensitive for me
Now I don't cop keys I put life on these beats these cold metaphors that symbolize these streets

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The Lola Monroe Chronicles: The Art Of Motivation

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