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Baby I'm here for you anytime you need me
For real boy it's me in your world believe me
Nothin' make a girl feel better than a real man,
Whose presence get you higher than a pill can

Feelin' like I'll die for you
Cry for you,
Hoop [?] the Benz I ride for you,
Alive for you

They don't make 'em like us,
You made for me and I'm for you uhh
Just know I'm your bitch,
The one that never snitch,
Love you when you broke or when you filthy fuckin' rich

And that's real for a nigga like you baby

And I'd kill for a nigga like you baby
You keep me humble
Catch my stumbles,
Mutha fucka's try and break me down but you never let me crumble

Your Queen that you crowned never let none of my troubles get the best of me
Always impressin' me with the things that you teach me
So they could never reach me
On top of mine keep these bummy bitches beneath me

Ain't no ignorin' what we got so they gotta hate,
My Boss your Bosset we hold a lot of weight
And we lie together, cry together, I swear to God I hope we fuckin' die together
We take down fours [?] and we fly together, So it's Bonny and mutha fuckin' Clyde forever

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Batteries Not Included

Lola Monroe texty

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