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Ridin' My Thumb To Mexico - text

This old highway seems so lonesome when you're going where you've been
And the lonesome song will make you cry time and time again
If I had listened to a friend of mine ten years ago today
I'd have a better job than what I've got today
But the billboards on the highway and the brake-lights on the cars
Make me jump out on the highway with my bag and my guitar
If she comes or if she goes it doesn't matter anymore
'cause I'm ridin' my thumb to Mexico
Ridin' my thumb to Mexico
Well it don't matter when or how I go
I'll ride this thumb till I see her again
So I'm ridin' my thumb to Mexico
Well the reason why she left me's not the reason that I'm here
I'm a travellin' kind of man just need a change of atmosphere
If there's any place I haven't been at all that's where I'll go
So I'm ridin' my thumb to Mexico

Text přidal DevilDan

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