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Better Days - text

One day I met a girl her name was Marian
I fell in love with her he truest love I ever had
Remember my Marian when she was only mine
I'm thinkin of the way she'd fall for me and stay
I recall all the good times we sared all these years
The perfume of her body and the chill up in the air
She s livin on in my dreams this time is past and gone
I'd really like to stop to cry I'm waitin for
Better days better days
I don't wanna stay alone for the rest of my life
Better days better days I hope they come again some day
Honestly my Marian will never come back home
She's living with another man since she left me all alone
I ĺl have to find another girl to carry me thru
It'll be the only way for me to know again
better days

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