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Alone & Blue - text

Well you told me baby that you no more care
Now what am I supposed to do?
You broke my heart and now I'm down
Because you told me we were through
Is it all my fault that you've found new love?
Are you bored with me have you got enough?
Now you're gone away and all I can say is
I'm so lone and blue

Lone and blue my heart is yearnin'
Lone and blue for your returnin'
Thinkin' of you drives me crazy I could cry
Well every day and every night
There's no one 'round to hold me tight
Well I'll be over you but till we're through
I'll be so lone and blue

One day I'm sure you'll come along
Your love for me will never die
You'll say " I'm sorry babe I was blind you see,
How can I heal your broken heart? "
It won't be long till the very day
Just couple of days it better be today
Then I'll no more say and it won't be true
That I'm so lone and blue

Text přidal DevilDan

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