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We Feel Better Then Jan Hus - text


Zbyšku hrej Judgement Day
We feel better than Jan Hus
We feel better than Hus
Verstehen Sie Spass
It really burns me baby
We gotta face the party
Nohing you can do about it
This is the Monkey Business
All the world is screamin´
We feel better than Jan Hus...
We gotta face the party...
1371 Jan Hus is born. 1402 as the people´s
favourite he is appointed to the newly erected
Bethlehem chapel where he launches a twelve
year crusade against the corrupt practices
of the clery. 1414 Hus is summoned to the Council
of Constance by Zikmund Liška Ryšavá.
He endures a puppet trial adn ordered to recant.
At his refusal he is condemned to death and burned
at the stake od July 6th 1415.

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Resistance Is Futile

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