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Realize the risk you take
by driving out of town
Never try to leave your car
the danger is real

Understand your life is at stake
in all that green and brown
There will be no time to hide
when they appear

See the whites of shifty eyes
they tell you it is too late
that surely you will die
when they stampede

It is the deadly buzz of flies
the smell of rotten hay
that comes before you feel
the violence of

You can decide what to do
I am not gonna cry for you
Take your chance if you wanna go
You gonna get brained by hoofs
no time to try your moves
It is your intent
Do you wanna end like the ten little Indians
Do you wanna end like the ten little Indians
Well you have been warned

Better learn to love your place
the happy drone of cars
the pleasant smell of gas
That is the deal

You are so safe with microwave
cause it will never bite
every day you'll be allright
far away from

Text přidala terezka 8-)

Objects Of Desire And Other Complications

Monkey Business texty

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