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Are you
Are you shure
Once upon a time we lived in the mud
Had only worms to eat
And in the winter boy it was oh so cold
´Cause mud gives out no heat
Now you can say we´re moving slow
But I say we´re taking care
Some may simply stay behind
Because they like it there
Can you move We can try
To pass the test Are you shure
Can you see And understand
We´ll be there Can we try
I wonder Are you sure
I can see The borderlights
We can try Are you sure
Can you see Borderlights
Are you sure We´ll be there
Can you see Borderlights
We packed up the mud and worms and cold
And ladies got their share
Mudslide season starts on time
But we just did not care
The swiftly moving beams of light
Are searching in the sky
Like rubber stamps of hope I see
Reflection in your eyes
Can you move...
Gotta be right

Text přidala xUCINKAx

Video přidala MirekCek

Resistance Is Futile

Monkey Business texty

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