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On an afternoon
near the end of June.
We first met and fell in love.
Being both too shy
neither questioned why.
It was all we could think of.
So awkward at first...
It was like a curse.
You'd think you'll never lose.
But then you do.
And it could happen to you.
In a borrowed ride
White with with power glide
We felt passions burning heat.
With the static glow of the radio,
virgin struggled on the seat.
Bathed in salty sweat we were soaking wet,
as the night turned purple blue.
She took my heart.
And it could happen to you.
I was never born a liar, but in her arms...
Life was as complete as it could be.
But being so much younger than you think you are...
Life can be so cruel in its struggle to be free.
On vacation round by some college town
I heard whispers in the street.
She was seen about always hanging out
with some due she called real sweet.
When I asked her why she began to cry
It was all that she could do.
She broke my heart
And it could happen to you... Busted!
She took my heart
and it could happen to you.
She broke my heart
and it could happen to you.
My heart, my heart.
And it could happen to you.

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