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Bad girls only come out at night
Come up behind you like a flashing red light
Loose ladies always know how to flirt
You watch them dancing and they kick up their skirts
People talking about bad bad girls
Bad, bad, bad, bad girls
See Rosanna in a button-down blouse
See those buttons poppin' 'cause she wants to get out
She wants to be a bad girl
Since I was a kid I was a rovin' kind
Man it's kinda hard to get me home on time
Look at all the bad girls
People talking 'bout bad bad bad girls
A good woman always treats you fine
A good woman makes you tow the line
She knows you know 'bout those bad bad girls
But see that girl with that look in her eye
Knows what she wants, there is no surprise
She knows you know that she's a bad bad girl
She's a crazy girl now
When I get started I could go 'till I'm blind
Got a lady waitin' wants me back on time
It's getting late and I'm out with my friends
If I meet a bad girl it can't happen again
No no no no they're always trouble bad girls
Lemme tell you man they're bad girls
Bad, bad, bad, bad girls
I keep on thinkin' 'bout those bad bad girls
People tell me they were bad bad girls
Everybody's talkin' 'bout little girls hanging out
Bad girls
Keep walking, stop talking, seeing double, double trouble
From those bad girls, 'talkin' 'bout bad bad bad girls
They look good, it's not fair, they're so bad
But they would if you could bad girls
So good it's not fair they're so bad
Talkin' 'bout bad bad bad girls

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