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Bring Te Future Faster - text

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Every night I'm pacing in my moon-stroom room
And I think we can all presume
I'm pacing to the pulsing of my heart convulsing
Buzz! Bang! Crash! Wizzle-sizzle!
onomatopoeias all around me
Slum-pup, can't stop my head exploding
I am seriously overloading
Bring the future faster
Bring the future faster
Deep in the dark of the heart of the night
My head is racing, pacing, a nerve and speaking
Relatively speaking
Don't know what I feel, but I know it's real
I'm wearing a hole in the floor
So open up the door and let me out this room
And soon
And soon
Bring the future faster
Bring the future faster
Give me the new thing
The next thing
That's always the best thing
A new view
I have to breakthrough
To something new
To something new
The universe is spinning
With another new beginning
Bring the future faster
Would you bring the future faster
All I want is everything
All I want is me

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