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You can't eat cats Kevin - text


Well I can't make you (make you)
Do anything that you don't wanna do
And you can't make me (make me)
Say anything to put myself in a position
To make me seem like just another spoiled fuckface
With no idea how things work in the real world
Where you have no control

Well you think (you think)
That I don't care enough and that I'm lazy
Well I think (I think)
That you're just building up a wall to try and protect yourself
From the fact that I'm going to spend
The rest of my dumb fucking life loving you
And it feels weird

Let's just smoke a bowl and talk about this later
I just wanna watch The Office and turn in early
Tomorrow morning is a whole new fucking problem
And I just might not survive the night
If you can't find the time to be nice to me

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