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So what'll it take for you to see things the way that I do?
Just for a minute so I can be brutally honest with you
About everything I’m still so afraid of
Being there is hard when things eventually fall apart
So would you do it?
If I told you about how I felt
Would you stick through it?
When things aren't quite as easy as they once were
‘Cause I have a tendency to take on more than I can handle
And you have a tendency to get mad when you're bored
And will you risk your sanity
Plus all the other things you might not end up liking about me
Will you promise to love me more than you might hate me?
So I’ll stay sober
Or at least smoke a little less weed
If you'll live closer to me so I can still sleep at your house
When it's cold and it's dark outside
I’ve never slept that well in my whole life
And it's nice to not have to try sometimes
‘Cause no ones ever made me feel the way that you do
No ones ever made me feel as loved as you do
And nobody else knows me the way that you do
Nobody’s ever been this good to me
Not even myself

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