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Near death fail comp (must watch until end) - text


Turn off my cellphone I'm going off the grid
Which is for me eating Cheetos in my bed
Watching movies and drinking chocolate milk alone
I guess it's my antisocial tendencies
That are keeping me from my friends
And the things that could be helping me get by
Oh, but it will get better they say
Step by step, day by day, inch by inch, and play by play
But I'm scared that I might not have that kind of time

So what'll you do
When all that you love slowly drifts away from you
And there's no-one you can blame except yourself?

When you fall
And you bleed
Will you need me
To be the one that keeps you operating?
'Cause if so then I'll get comfortable

So cut the bullshit and show me that you mean it
When you tell me that you'll love me everyday until you die
'Cause you're the only thing I need
To help keep me alive for the next few years or so
'Cause you're the meanest
When you know that I need it
And the worst thing that you could ever do to me
Is leave me wondering
If you still love me too

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Video přidal john1x

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