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Heck You Bart, pt. II: Electric Boogaloo - text


Do me a favor and punch me right in the face
It'll save me the trouble and the pain I felt each time
I realized you were only making fun of me
It's not your fault that I feel this way
But I still need to leave

So what's it gonna take?
For you to finally wake up on time?
It's not my fault that we're running late this time
But you'll be fine and I'm fucking drowning all the time
It's not my fault that my brain just won't stay quiet

I fuck things up so hard sometimes
But I'm trying harder every day because of you
I hope you know, my only goal is to make you smile
And forget your worries for a little bit

What do you do when you're alone and tired and feeling anxious?
How do you motivate yourself when everything feels pointless?
My lungs can't take the stress required to make me sleep right through this
It seems impossible to be awake and still put yourself first

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