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Dark Times - text


Mojo [Verse 1]

Dark times, bottle of wine, drunk all the fucking time
Don't care how you feel, cuz I really don't feel fine
Mind is fucked up, trigga locked up
Just got one 'notha bitch but she wants me to knock her up. Fuck that shit that hoe is crazy, got more millis than you have babies
Lookn' like a dog on crazy rabies
No I don't want to pass the gravy
Don't wanna pass a bottle of champagne when im in pain
Cuz im rippin' through paris when im f'd up in the left lane. Only 17 im making it, im getting rich
Don't give a fuck about my ex, crazy ass bitch
Yo im just sayin' yo im just being honest
She fuck with all the dudes and always was dishonest
I was like nah, i gotta go, smoke some dope and make some dough
Make a joke then fuck the hoe
Bone her till she walk no more, do I care. Or do I don't?
Call me crazy but you is what I want

Lisa [Bridge]

Dark times, im goin' through some dark times
My ex is given me a, hard time
But she ain't mine no more
Why do I care I gotta go ignore. x2

Mojo [Verse 2]

Bitch you cheated, well now im heated
I know dat im hurtin' but you know, the undefeated
And I even treated you like no one ever fucking will
Well I'll make sure I make it, thats my power will
Im turnin' all this anger, this hate into motivation before its too late then we'll be able to go on a dream vacation
Perhaps with a good ass'd Asian
But I got money up on money, got this text I gotta blow
Shit is pretty crazy for a kid thats 17
I've seen things up on things that no one has ever seen
I bought rings up on rings for my whole fucking team
I got wings, I got wings, Im higher than Charlie Sheen, Yo
Take a chill pill. You know I gotta swallow it
Feelings are harder than a Horny Howard Ballowits
Gotta stay creative cuz that is how hard this business gets
But im ballin' bitch. Im ballin' like ???

Lisa [Bridge]

Dark times, im goin' through some dark times
My ex is giving me a, hard time
But she ain't mine no more why do I care I gotta go ignore. 2x

Mojo [Verse 3]

Fuck these hoes that think their the shit
I've had enough of it
Chillin' with my bros in the Six
Were filling cups of it
Filled with Lean and Filled with Dope
Fell in love buts that's a Nope
Got fucked like I dropped the soap
Fuck girls im goin' for pope.

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