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A new way of life is running into my veins,
Rejecting the same way, il find out why some day,
The wound swells and stings, weʼre all slaves to a feeling,
Tonight it canʼt get much worse, so turn this ache to purpose.
This is who we were,
Imbalanced now,
Self unassured,
The change of now.
Fight to survive,
Iʼve become a victim of this life,
Find whats inside,
To keep me alive.
A new way of life, a way out of the dark,
My wall of life scars, is being cut and torn apart,
Cus this is self war I can only fight within,
This is permanent just like the scars on my skin.
Fight to survive,
Iʼve become a victim of this life,
Confined to what you believe in,
So keep me alive for tonight.
I feel truth starting to sink in, and changing,
Did life lose hope in someone else, but you canʼt change this now,
We are all fused and lost in the noise, our paths have become the same,
I know itʼll happen some day, cus our souls will never change.
What if life is,
What its forced to be,
Separate me,
From what it seems,
Learn to be free,
A new way of life,
Seek to avoid, fill the void,
Weʼre all lost in the noise
Fight to survive,
Keep me alive,
Liberate a life,
Separate in order to survive.

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Lost In The Noise


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