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It's been ten whole years since I first saw you,
Am I finished with you?
Drain the light from my eyes
Bleed me to death for the last time
Carry me on by your side
Break me down,
This has become my home,
Give me up and let me go
I just want you to know I find it hard to write the words
They're the reason that I'm still here
Like day without night or life with no decay
No matter where I'll be this piece is a part of me
And even with time to think
My world is never changing because there is no me when there is no you
Listen close
This is as far as I can go
But just know that I loved you
I need to let go
I left you alone
Losing the place that I call home
So tear me apart don't take it to heart
I gave it all I got
This is where we depart

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