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Recovery, where have you been?
Save me from myself killing belief.
I never thought Id want to lose myself at all
to close my eyes a bid farewell
drown in the fact that I'm not someone else
so let me leave from this hell, and let me relearn to be myself
I find it hard speaking out, to try and find whats not in myself
when every body else is living their life proud
Im waiting for the misery to fall and die in me
no belief is killing me
Cut deep and don't hold back
I don't see you in myself
I can't seem to breathe in and start recovering
Let down and shut me out
relapse to turning back
its hard to face me when these scars won't heal at all, let them be visible
I am breaking down slowly to all my 'if only's'
maybe I cared too much but that was not enough
the contentment and dedication left my arteries
its not coming back my way

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