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The fossils of my footsteps
Will be unearthed in a far off date unknown
Impressed in concrete from walking home alone
After walking you home
In the mops of greasy hair we'll romanticize my despair
But they won't know, that I didn't care
I liked the silence, I liked the empty streets
Crawl down 'em on hands and knees in a heart beat
If I had to, I own that at the very least
The map had faded out but I could've sworn
I noted every stride, I guess the rain hit before the ink could dry
And where I thought I'd be, was not what I perceived
Assessing the progress from beneath your sheets
That's why, I need the silence, I need the empty streets
Just as bad as they don't need me
It's a sick, sad sham of a marriage
But it's all there is, it's all I need
I can be everything you need, if you make me
I can be every crack in your concrete, if you let me off easy
I can be easily deceived, if you want that
But you are the ember of my heart, whether you like that or not

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