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You hold my hand
You hold your liquor
Projection screen
Had ceased its flicker
You gave me time to take
Of your truth
I was starved and you were full

I drove back home
I drove back home, when you got sicker
Disputing claims you still held, the TV clicker
And his face was flushed still in my mind
The waiter you asked if she was mine


You need to hide
Its in your framework
Look me in the eyes and act like I don't know how shame works
Your compass spins in reverse
The trees do timelapse speed growth
The sky is lost behind a sea of green

She's acting like she knows what's up
She's trip tripping that devotion stuff
Breaking like her bread won't puff
She's sipping, sipping from the holy cup
Waking up
Everyday is all about doing things you don't want to do
But you're rewarded
You get to wake up

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Holy Ghost

Modern Baseball texty

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