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One Minute More - text


One step, you’re just one step from perfection” she held out her hand
and so life spreads from fingertips and through my veins, a beast is born within a man
and it whispers of all I’ve ever hoped for and everything that is wrong
slowly now all the words add up and somehow they crack and slip from my tongue
and as if singing a psalm I am down on my knees
I am singing for love from the top of my lungs
but the louder I cry the less I believe
that this moment we’re in will be more than just now

silently I’m replacing what she lacks with the things that I love
and though I know I might be torn all around the edges behind her perfect shell’s a rotting soul
so incomplete but wholer still if I am able to just let her go

and if this is the end then at least it was worth it
‘cause I swear it was love or something just so
and I know love will come to the one who deserves it
I’ll try closing my eyes and give it one minute more

but I’m not of your kind
someone as stupid as me should be easy to find
so I will treat you like statistics until it drains this love from me

this is no psalm, it can’t take me deeper
what’s only just passed seems so long ago
and the harder I try the less I believe you
when you’re standing here now asking for one minute more

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