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Magpie Eggs - text


Looks like you’ve been eating magpie eggs again ‘cause your face is a stamp
that’s rejecting the little red marks to comprehend what’s not that good, and what’s bad
so first i’ll have a day off to recover
and then another week to make my plans
and if you’re not back when that first day's over...

looks as if your eggs are all rotten, and now is the time to rely
on the spellbinders hat and his magic blue tie as our oceans run dry
the first day’s when you’ll get your toothbrush back
and the second ones made to compare
as you put the lotion in your backpack
i am already there...

there’s no longer no one asking for your name at the beach house grill on the fourth floor
and when you go out for a swim you’ll probably leave that face indoors
looks like the eggs are ready hatched now and like you chose wrong when you went for tails
but how am i to forget you’re there with your skin under my nails?

and it’s always the same, and a calendar wouldn’t help that much,
it is always the same

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