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Orlando Bloom rap (I'm so popular) - text

Never had much correct mention of my name,
part the rap game or known form my fame,
my long logs grow brilliant in the sun,
by the end this day is gone,
I know I'll be number one,
Like a red rose I am BLOOM
Just like a bomb I shall boom,
you know my name, so just listen to me,
I'm Orlando Bloom,
and I just really want to be

POPULAR, I know that I'm popular,
believe me, I'm popular,
I know that I'm popular,
I know that I'm popular,
believe me, I'm popular,
I'm really so POPULAR

Yeah, that was me in Pirates of the Caribbean
standing next to Johnny Depp,
then Gandalf played by Ian,
you can have my bow and arrow,
I will come with you to MORDOR,
my name is Legolas son,
I am the elvish one,
I've got pointy ears,
hair golden as the sun,
thank you, Peter Jackson, you really are the best,
you are the best director,
so hairy is your chest (Hey!)
I am the most handsome elf in the world,
and if you think different,
I will take your girl,
she'd probably like to be taken by me,
because I'm Orlando Bloom
and I really am so very

POPULAR, I'm really so popular,
I'm like super popular,
I am the most popular,
Nobody is popular,
Only me, I'm popular,
So you can just suck my...

Copy of Elizabethtown! That's right, SUCK IT! It's a good movie!

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