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Fires in the doubts see the way they dedicate it
We give 'em time to figure out the things they should've hated
Allegiance to the pictures when there's so much more at stake
To identify with numbers time to numb them all awake

Hey ey, this is just a happy song

I see the people trusting in their trust they wait forever
No lies will be unbroken in the things you bought together
Clap and shut your eyes, bam!, and never be alone
Filling up the nothings when there's nothing here to show

Hey ey, this is just a happy song

We're so bored with ourselves so we started a war
Seen it from a distance it's just a game for keeping the score
Our servants bow disgusted cos we're dying and we're soaring
The demon's at the gate and here we'll never hear the roaring

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Video přidala DoubleBread

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