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Slow Mo - text


Timmy's walking tall with his best laid plans
Taking Penny Lane to the 6th grade dance
And he's bringing flowers
He's looking pretty sharp in his dad's red tie
Gonna hold her hand if he's not too shy
And he's bringing flowers
Don't every girl love flowers?

Looking out for Penny for the slow song at the end
Found her looking pretty in the arms of his best friend
They were dancing in

Slow, slow, slow mo
Slow, slow, slow mo

Jimmy's losing sleep cuz he thinks it's time
Ever since he met her at the Five and Dime
He's been seeing Jenny
He's waiting for the moment when he makes his move
Had to plan it out cuz he's not real smooth
But he holds her steady
Ain't every boy born ready?

Sitting on the front porch
Gonna kiss her on the lips cuz he's the man
And he had it till mom pulled up in the minivan up the driveway in

Slow, slow, slow mo
Slow, slow, slow mo

Well don't it last forever when you never saw it coming at all
You better take a chair and prepare for the wrecking ball coming at you in

Slow, slow, slow mo
Slow, slow, slow mo

Text přidala Honey_xP

Video přidala Honey_xP

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