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Do you remember when we got lost in the city?
You were scared we might now make it home
And rather than a resident's attention
I looked for wrong directions so we could spend a little more time alone

Do you remember when our hearts were still unfolding
And we found we were on the same chapter
You started looking at me
I started looking at you
And then you ran
Well I'm still running after

'Cause when you look me in the eyes
You tell me who I am
How you love your little boy
Who's only trying to be a man
But time is our impatience
Trying to take a stand
I think I'd rather fall
I'll catch you when you do
I could stand here like a statue waiting for you

That was then
Now we're separated by the state lines
And you were the harmony to all the songs we sang
I know you got to fly
But before you start to cry know that I pray
That you'll be a boomerang

Text přidala Honey_xP

Video přidala Honey_xP

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