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No Hotel - text


[Verse 1:]
U Must Think This Is
The Holiday Inn
U Must Think That U
Can Always Get In
But U Don't...
U Don't Pay No Rent Here
So I'm About 2 Break It Down 2 Ya
Break It Down My Dear(Oh)
U Must Think Cuz That U
Lay Ur Hat Here
Gives U Right 2 Be
A Rolling Stone But...
I Don't Know Who Told U That
Because Baby...
They Told U Wrong

Because It's Not Like U Live Here
U Just Stay From Time 2 Time
And Even Though U Can Get In
Ur Key Ain't Gonna Work Tonight
Cause Ur About 2 Get Evicted
I'm Hangin Up My No Vacancy Sign
Because U Missed Check In
This House Ain't No Hotel Tonight

[Verse 2:]
U Must Think This Is
The Sheraton Suites
And U Can Come N Go As U Please
U Must Think That Ur VIP
U Ain't Respect The Queen
Even Though I Treat U Like A King
I Don't Think U Really Know What I Mean
When I Say I'm Takin Back My Keys
U Must Not Take Me Seriously
I Don't Know Who Told U That
But Baby Take It From Meeee

Yes, This Is Over(It's Over)
No Do-Overs(Do-Overs)
No More Mistakes, Far Enough 4 U To Make
And I've Got Way 2 Many Complaints
And There's So Much I Can Take


No, No, Ho, Ho, Tel, Tel, To, To, Night,Night
Oh Baby
No, No, Ho, Ho, Tel, Tel, To, To, Night, Night
Cuz I'm Hangin
No, No, Vac, Vac, Vacancy Sign, Sign
Oh Baby
No, No, Ho, Ho, Tel, Tel, To, To Night, Night
Oh Baby... Because

[Chorus: Til Song Fades]

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