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Ritual Of Death - text


Now everybody is dead
See their corpses all around
Their faith let them astray
They were blinded just by pain

Away left all the hopes
Of a life in peace
A salvation through martydrom
Your souls will burn

Kiss me now my lord
They said just before they were impaled

Here is your lamb
Take me take me heart spill my blood

Save me now my god
Kill me send my soul to the abyss

I'm prepared to live
With you in hell forever and pay me sorrows

Ritual of death

Mutilated slain by their faith
Mass suicide pay the price

I am the one obey my words
The one who was the one who'll be
I am the word osm the flesh
I am the blood the word made flesh

Believe in me i am your saviour
The dark messiah that brings the light
The lights of day the light of night
The light of souls that fades in life

Ritual of death
Now everybody...

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