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Matriarch's Lament - text

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How long could it have been?
Since last time she saw the horizon and sun
Except through ashes?
While from afar, a neighbour is set to advance
Woe! Her struggle in life
Ache! A widowed old wife
"Echoes, remnants of a son
Still they calm me"
Across the land and over the fjord
Came a host of men to conquer
With flames and anger
Through night they walked
Silent and bent on their cause
"Wake up! Wake up now!
They've set aflame the roof above our heads!"
As they carved, killed and raped
The whole ground seeped with red
In her final moments she was torn apart
The air was filled with flames and woe
When they lost all faith the widow saw
Her son was nowhere to be found
Mother is gone
Every loved one slaughtered
Embrace the chaos
Buried in a pit, under the weight of many
A small one lies still, waits and draws breath

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