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By the foot of the mountain
There lived a wise man of noble household
Merry was life with his kinsmen
And soon the wise man would be old
But change would come
A rider form the shores
His name was
The bringer of ill news and tidings
He pressed the cause, it was clear
The Jarl had sent for him
To fight for him in war
And lead his banners to the shore
So the wise man mustered all
The forces in his lands
And left his kin and home
Like so many times before
As they sailed out for the sea
In ships loaded for war
The wise man turned to see the peaks
That he loved and called home
At last, new land was sighted
And soon they would rid it of very last man
Woman and child who could bear arms in hand
Or ever challenge their clan
As the first man to set foot on this newfound land
The wise man thought it clear
He saw his fate approaching through the air
But could not move out of fear
Death in form of an arrow
Brought the man to the ground
Deep in his belly the arrow has struck
His blood mixing with water and sand
Laying on his side he bore witness to the fray
His friends and countrymen
Pillaged and burned before they went on their way
And left the wise man to die as they sailed away

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