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Sick love sick love song - text

if i may recollect to the times we did connect

my heart fills up with joy and i smile

then i remember then what happened, that strange, love and pattern

then my heart fills up with bile

so i'll tell you a story, a little bit too gory…

about how i loved… and… lost…

when you left me you left me a shell of a man

so i grabbed all my sheets and a rather large van

i drove round your house and i begged you come back

but when you declined thats when i started to hack…

at your face and your feet all that blood in my face

it got rather messy, a dirty disgrace

so i stabbed and i shunted you twisted and screamed

i could see whats for dinner your thighs looked quite lean

your fingers are supple a nice starter dish

take off your lips and i'll cook them with fish

i'll lay down the sheets the setting is right

reminds me of our lovely wedding night

though less yelling and punching and asking to stop

you're in pieces quite literally i'll go get the mop

so i'll take out your eyes and i'll put them inside

give them some pepper i'm rather too kind

chewy and squiggly and rather like squid.

reminds me of last week when i ate that kid

so i bundled you up and i kept you quite warm

though stiffer and stiffer as death it did dawn

your head in a pillow your body in sheets

i'm glad i brought spares i'll keep this quite neat!

drive down the beach with a bottle of wine,

have our last moment before my decline..

into hospital prison or maybe to hell

i'll trust you'll keep quiet i'll trust you won't tell.

so when the police come to take me i'll hardly resist

i'll go rather quietly i won't raise a fist

when they ask if i'm guilty i'll nod with my head

but for crimes of passion is why you are dead

cause you left me all but a shell of a man

thats why i gutted as much as i can

the pain that you suffered i suffered myself

oh i wish i wish for your heart on my shelf

but they've taken my things and they've left me alone…

just a sad empty room with no telephone

so i'll talk to my fingers i'll talk to the mice

as i'm here to my death i hope they're quite….


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