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Under the gibbous moon
Encircled by mire and filth
Upon the shores of ancient seafloors I land
The scorching sun tears my sense apart
As I explore this vivid island
Vicious crags and reefs did I pass
No sign of life nor joy
This treacherous domain guides my path
To clandestine waters and stone
Dismay gushes into my mind as I behold this archaic rock
Primeval obelisk depicting marine fiends
Eyes behold as the creatures surface to land
Half man half squid
An abomination
This monstrous beast is now vast
It bows its head to the stone in reverence
And thus I make my escape
Awakened confused and horrified I wonder
Could the fever have caused this apparition?
Tentacles crawling on the outer door
No... the window... the window!
The window!!!

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