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A Song About Me and a Boy - text


There was this boy in my bed
He said
He liked the curls in my hair

Wanted me on top of him
And we
Did all kind of dirty things

And though
I'm just a sweet young girl
You made me
Feel like a full blooded woman

And you
Played the gitarr and said
"oh sugar
Want you sing a song for me?"

But I, see
I didn't dare cause with you
Tremble like a leaf near you

And you
You kissed my lips and said
Maybe another day"

You see, I'll never forget
Us drinking whisky 'til the morning
We were, we were
Talking bout love
We were talking about drugs and rock'n'roll

And I
I liked the way you pressed the button
I, oh
I like your lips

Oh you, you can drive me mad like a cat
You look so hot in your hat

But if I would have known
That it was the last time we met
If I would have known
That it was the last time for me to get wet

Would have touched your long dark hair
And I
Would have kissed your lips

I would have tied you to the bed
Just to have you
Just for my self

But you see I, I ruined it all
As I called you one night a while ago
I was to drunk to talk
I was trying to explain my love

But I
I guess you didn't feel the same way
And I
I guess that I scared you away

And I
I guess we'll never speak again

And I am on my own again

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