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At astounding speed a ship appears
Upon our radar’s eye
Four armored birds will soon engage
Something unidentified

Evasively it turns on them
The rest is classified
Vanishing without a trace
In the North Dakota sky

It’s Unexplained, it’s Unexplained
A blinding flash of light
Is the last thing they will say
It’s Unexplained

Lost at sea a mighty fleet
Sends an S.O.S. in code
50 years it reappears
Coffee isn’t even cold

Returning from its nowhere
The crew was never found
Their spirits haunt these ghost ships
And they make such eerie sounds

It’s Unexplained, it’s Unexplained
Who knows what terror lies out there
Far beyond the waves
It’s Unexplained, it’s Unexplained
Their souls the sea would claim

It’s Unexplained

Text přidala MissH

Video přidala noomi

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