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Their eyes for many centuries
Peered in from space
Sincere the hope, their wise believed
They could teach our race
But yet on Mars, a darker side
Like all things that God made
Their tribe of war would heed them not
Earth they must invade
See the fire in the skies
See them devastate the land
Mars attacks
The warlord chief commands
See the humans fight and die
See our planet laid to waste
Mars attacks
Monsters invade the earth from space
It was then in our darkest hour
When everything seemed lost
The hearts of men would not concede
No matter what the cost
They forged a sword of sound and steel
Upon the Martian doors
The voice of war would thunder there
Mars would be no more
See the Martian cities fall
See the death of the warrior tribe
Mars attacks
Now their planet won't survive
See their world turn into ash
See the terror on their face
Mars explodes
Cast out as rubble into space
Mars attacks
Monsters invade the earth from space

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