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Exception to the Ruled - text


Blood encrusted eyes, staring out in space
The revolution mind, the overbearing thought that I
am dying in this place, alone within the crowd
This never ending race, a war comprised of all against all

A burning awareness I've been deceived
A life lived out
crawling here
on my knees?

Born in from the outside, my conscience will not let me breathe
-Have I sacrificed my last hope
That something in this world is worth more than money or the state
Écause the hate in my heart will never wait

All-observing eyes, watching from above, Big Brother to us all, explain away the system's faults (You'd never last a day in my battered boots)

Bursting with tension
my work is done
One day here too many
a call to arms

Challenging this order- the voice of the voiceless unchained
I will vomit on your pompous morals
I'm the one you nailed down, abstainer, the slayer of deceit
Éand I am back for my feast

Words are buried, suppressed, and contradicted
Tongues are muted, dislodged and diluted

Dissenting, alive - a traitor you can only hope to be,
You'd deny my right to shove it back in the face of the master?

So I present this drastic declaration, we'll send this shit upon its way
Burn all flags and burn all nations, and live your life in your own way

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