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Colony Collapse - text


As we drift from dust to the stars
Celestial castaways
The ashes of a world behind
In frozen form displayed
What thrived, so full of life
In flames, soon did end
So goes the lot of man
Spiraling away into the black
Event horizon past

What began as tragedy
So quickly turned to farce
As tentacles entropy
Left no living thing untouched
(nothing left alive)

Backwards one billion years
Arc of light, solar wind
Rust and decay
From primal fist, to obelisk
Drifting, collapsing into time

Code-infused sophistry
And algorithmic certainty
A cut from the finest cloth
Through sentient circuitry
So cold to the touch

Pride in the face of madness
Carved in the image of man
What post-human prophecies upend
Not one could defend

Fed through the vector of time
Breed singularity
HAL never gave an answer
For what? Utopia? Delete!

Burning matter, Bleak horizons
Drifting onwards, into our waiting deaths

Colony collapse
Colony collapse
Exit stage left

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