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Angst isst die Seele auf - text


Thrust into this competition
naked and undone
Back to back
Yet divided on our own.
Fear breeding fear.
Exploding pressures on.
We're locked away in self-made chains.

Pull out through the windows and into the streets.
Terror abounds as each man lives in fear.
Dread consumes their day.
The public is passive.
and lame
Locked up the doors and let out the wolves.
a fractical race
Given the chance you'd sit down to eat.
Yet conciousness is sacrificed.
This alter is never short on heads stare in his eyes.
you brother - this man
Yet your fear will breed.
Why can't you say a word?

Zu Hause wie im Krieg
Waffen und Hass zuhauf

Casualties of human life drift in the crowds.
They're standing on the margins-nullified.
Outside the world keeps turning under the sun.
While inside the sould is boiling over.

This hate for the other is hate for yourself.
the cancer condition
the dead-end ambition
You'll eat yourself alive.
Submit to the anger.
the coming of veangeance
the cult of uncaring
the chaos of living
And face this world alone.
the hooks in your mouth now
You'll swallow the bait.
Distorting your vision.
You'll drink from their poison.
so ripned for this fall
You take from the worst and give up the best.
But never forget you're a human being... You breath.
But can you think?

Zu Hause wie im Krieg
Waffen und Hass zuhauf
in den Kopfen nur Furcht
Angst isst die Seele auf.

The truth is something made.
Not something that's found.
so burn all inhibitions to the ground
These politics of dread are a human to the head.
A life of fear is life among the dead... These barries are built for us to tear them down.

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